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An Official Report Form for use by referees is now available in the Download section of this site. Completed report forms should be sent by e-mail to Mr Paul Morgan, Assistant Secretary Discipline to an e-mail address set up specifically for this purpose; cwfadiscipline@gmail.com

A Referee Registration Form is now available in the Download section of this site. Completed registration forms should be sent to;

Assistant Secretary Referees, Mr Dylan Griffiths, 47 Dol-Helyg, Penrhyncoch, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. Sy23 3gz.

TEL: 01970 822202 MOB:07999345802  EMAIL: dylancwfa@gmail.com

List of CWFA Affilliated Referees.


Please Add 0 in front of telephone numbers.

Last updated on 10/08/2017.

Full Name CWFA Registered Current Grade Region Email Home Phone Mobile
Robert Ian Jenkins Yes 1A Montgomeryshire jenko29_89@hotmail.com 7534943715
Huw Jones Yes 1A Montgomeryshire huwjones73@gmail.com 7929001068
Alaw Aur Jones Yes F2A Ceredigion alaw_cymru@hotmail.com 7976467440
Susan Elizabeth Jones Yes F2A Montgomeryshire suejones3754@gmail.com 7460115537
Chloe May Lloyd No F2A Montgomeryshire clomay@hotmail.co.uk 7738441366
Nathan Bennett No 3A Ceredigion nathanbennett7@hotmail.com 7957901583
Gary Wyn Davies Yes 3A Ceredigion r4gwd@yahoo.co.uk 7841053486
John Wyn Davies Yes 3A Ceredigion johnwyn59@outlook.com 01974 202216 7928023026
Michael John Davies No 3A Ceredigion davies.581@btinternet.com 7980948239
Richard Gwyn Edwards Yes 3A Ceredigion repenllwyn@gmail.com 7972216190
Gareth Wynne Evans Yes 3A Ceredigion dragonbrickcuttingandbonding@hotmail.co.uk 7989977180
Aled Rhys Jones Yes 3A Ceredigion aledrhysjones@hotmail.co.uk 7876552490
David Eirian Morgan Yes 3A Ceredigion carolhorne3@gmail.com 7852855190
Nathan James Bartram Yes 3A Montgomeryshire njbartram@outlook.com 7496325155
Ryan John Davies Yes 3A Montgomeryshire RY77MARV@AOL.COM 7971226854
Mark Steven Farrington Yes 3A Montgomeryshire mfaz100@hotmail.com 7868526621
David Michael Hughes Yes 3A Montgomeryshire michaelhughes1956@btinternet.com 7800504091
Gwilym Daniel Lewis Yes 3A Montgomeryshire gwilymlewis@btinternet.com 1686688586
Edward Thomas Pryce Yes 3A Montgomeryshire eddie.pryce@btinternet.com 7975741139
Neil Brian Rutter Yes 3A Montgomeryshire neilrutter@aol.com 7854082410
Christopher William Bodenham Yes 3A Radnorshire chrisbod22@outlook.com 7786001621
Stephen Lesley Bradford Yes 3A Radnorshire steve@tremontgarage.co.uk 7583887673
Johnathan David Bywater No 3A Radnorshire 7503729183
Chris Corfield Yes 3A Radnorshire cdcorfield@btinternet.com 7557951157
Gareth Stuart Earp Yes 3A Radnorshire garethearp@btinternet.com 7739800529
Rob Evans Yes 3A Radnorshire robevs21@live.co.uk 7960110073
Stephen John Fisher Yes 3A Radnorshire stephenfisher80@msn.com 7919176864
Michael David Pugh Yes 3A Radnorshire mikepugh622@btinternet.com 7779553965
Thomas John Llyr Evans Yes 3B Ceredigion welshchef82@hotmail.co.uk 7975826752
Alun Meirion Evans Yes 3B Ceredigion meirion@meirionevans.orangehome.co.uk 1570271175
Jeffery Hearne Yes 3B Ceredigion jeffhearne@hotmail.co.uk 7722224112
Alan Lloyd Jenkins Yes 3B Ceredigion jenksalan1@hotmail.com 7887910997
Richard Carwyn Jenkins Yes 3B Ceredigion carwynjenkins@yahoo.co.uk 7971494727
Simon Neal Lewis Yes 3B Ceredigion nealagwenan@tiscali.co.uk 1239698419
David Raymond Morris Yes 3B Ceredigion 1239612983
William Andrew Peel No 3B Ceredigion peelwilliam@hotmail.com 7528739914
Hywel Wynford Roberts No 3B Ceredigion wynandsian@btinternet.com 7770867593
Andrew Evan Rockley No 3B Ceredigion androc9@hotmail.com 7811414099
Mario Sciberras Yes 3B Ceredigion mariosciberras@hotmail.co.uk 7980479055
Joshua Sudbury Yes 3B Ceredigion joshuasudbury@hotmail.com 7954429990
D Michael Thomas Yes 3B Ceredigion 7817903986
William Steven Thomas Yes 3B Ceredigion wstephenthomas@outlook.com 7870511531
Herbert Alun Thomas Yes 3B Ceredigion elanwy.thomas@hotmail.co.uk 7989218895
Allan Tinney Yes 3B Ceredigion a.tinney53@yahoo.com 7738753666
Peter Wilson Yes 3B Ceredigion peterjwilson777@hotmail.co.uk 7875578765
Derrick Arthur Yes 3B Montgomeryshire derrickarthur6@gmail.com 7811600844
Neil Llewellyn Bayliss Yes 3B Montgomeryshire neil.bayliss@talk21.com 7891525001
Graham Arthur Grosvenor No 3B Montgomeryshire 7530265791
Roy Ingram Yes 3B Montgomeryshire 7427978290
Glyn Elfyn Jones Yes 3B Montgomeryshire rockyjones85@googlemail.com 7717418107
Charles Raymond Jones No 3B Montgomeryshire 7968170299
Huw Owen Lewis Yes 3B Montgomeryshire 1938500286
William Caradoc Owen Yes 3B Montgomeryshire wowen67@hotmail.com
Alan John Palmer No 3B Montgomeryshire alanpalmersplace@aol.com 7801286475
Roger Parker Yes 3B Montgomeryshire parkerroger1@aol.com 01691 655002 7927894521
Malcolm Phillips No 3B Montgomeryshire malcphl@aol.com 7790226303
Connah Michael Sears Yes 3B Montgomeryshire connahsears1@gmail.com 7877515668
Terry Thomas Yes 3B Montgomeryshire terry30dol1948@gmail.com 7539273102
Alan John Thomas Yes 3B Montgomeryshire ajtthomas7@yahoo.co.uk 7968702223
Edward Glynne Turner No 3B Montgomeryshire glynne7@icloud.com 7803975849
Alan Eastwood Williams Yes 3B Montgomeryshire alanwilliams1949@outlook.com 01938 500840 7583799745
David Edmund Williams Yes 3B Montgomeryshire 01691 648392 7815005932
Tim Mark Williams Yes 3B Montgomeryshire tmw4@btinternet.com 7983617097
Chris Baynton Yes 3B Radnorshire chrisbaynton@hotmail.com 01874 711780 07770 909309
Jeff Beamond Yes 3B Radnorshire jeff.beamond@severntrent.co.uk 7789903600
Thomas Richard Childs Yes 3B Radnorshire tomchilds95@gmail.com 7854231376
Paul Curtis Yes 3B Radnorshire paul_curtis50@yahoo.co.uk 7790389608
David Desmond John Evans No 3B Radnorshire david.evans014@btinternet.com 7765376985
Steven James Evans No 3B Radnorshire efcstevee@btinternet.com 7833561193
Neil Francis Holder Yes 3B Radnorshire neil.adey@btconnect.com 7760625450
Paul Kirkham Yes 3B Radnorshire kirkham428@btinternet.com 7971711909
Cyril Joseph Arthur Lewis Yes 3B Radnorshire joelewis2710@hotmail.co.uk 7951137384
Paul John Mantle Yes 3B Radnorshire paulmantle436@btinternet.com 7779761425
Huw John Marfell No 4A Ceredigion huwmarfell1@hotmail.com 7861459270
John Melvin Rees No 4A Ceredigion johnrees2798@btinternet.com 7854387039
Rhys John Stedman Yes 4A Ceredigion Rhys.Stedman@Wales.nhs.uk 01239 615960 7774002651
Arthur Wyn Roberts Yes 4A Montgomeryshire wyn-roberts@hotmail.co.uk 7545353310
Julian Assirati Yes 4A Radnorshire julianassirati@aol.com 7941236666
John Foster No 4A Radnorshire johnfoster83@outlook.com 7480411068
Callum Richards Yes 4A Radnorshire callumfootballfan@hotmail.co.uk 7960661346
Stuart Alan Bird Yes 4B Ceredigion stuartbird@hotmail.com 7837221364
Luke Eric Carter No 4B Ceredigion luke5921@outlook.com 7930265904
Timothy Keith Egerton Yes 4B Ceredigion t69_eggo_t69@hotmail.com 7803299061
David Adrian Evans Yes 4B Ceredigion adeyevs@gmail.com 785502600
Mark Milverton Yes 4B Ceredigion milv1@aol.com 1970832766 7909902544
Gethin Rhys Morgan No 4B Ceredigion gethinho@gmail.com 7889891206
John Richard Waters Yes 4B Ceredigion watersjohn308@yahoo.co.uk 7773023171
Patrick Wilding Yes 4B Montgomeryshire patrick4736@gmail.com 7530073683
David Arrowsmith Yes 4B Radnorshire davidarrowsmith@live.co.uk 7534557477
Nicholas Bolam No 4C Ceredigion nib33@aber.ac.uk 7864909830
Sean Gates Yes 4C Montgomeryshire seangates07@hotmail.co.uk 7870391174
James Grace Yes 4C Ceredigion jamesgrace100@hotmail.com 7975749792
Joshua McLeish No 4C Ceredigion jom59@aber.ac.uk 7757013760
Huw Morgan Yes 4C Ceredigion rhywbeth@aol.com 7833962502
Dylan Palmer No 4C Ceredigion dop1@aber.ac.uk 7958297286
Shon Rowcliffe No 4C Ceredigion shonradcliffe@hotmail.com 7124881983
Gavin Stedman No 4C Ceredigion gavinstedman@hotmail.com 7970966243
Nicholas Shaun Davies Yes 4C Montgomeryshire nickdavies1234@hotmail.co.uk 7971339942
Vaughan Harding Yes 4C Montgomeryshire Vaughan.harding@constructiv.co.uk 7974176663
Nicholas Jones No 4C Montgomeryshire nickj289@hotmail.com 7939834592
Alice Wilding Yes 4C Montgomeryshire dawilding@tiscali.co.uk 1938554736
Alun Williams No 4C Montgomeryshire alunpwilliams@hotmail.com 7860484277
Jack Williams Yes 4C Montgomeryshire jack1099@btinternet.com 7984590810
Daniel Wynn Yes 4C Montgomeryshire danielwynn84@gmail.com 775706591
Tom Ammonds No 4C Radnorshire secretary@presteignestandrewsfc.co.uk 07799 268007
Robert Bird No 4C Radnorshire rsb-carpentry@hotmail.co.uk 07976 124020
Tom Crichton No 4C Radnorshire kellycrichton@hotmail.co.uk 07817 492878
Jay Davies No 4C Radnorshire jaxdavies47@icloud.com 07909 442206
Phillip Davies No 4C Radnorshire phildavi7@hotmail.co.uk 07958 129830
Jack Hughson No 4C Radnorshire sarah.jowett@btconnect.com 7840792488
Owen Jones No 4C Radnorshire 01544 260333
Fin Ozsoylu No 4C Radnorshire finozsoylu@gmail.com 07957 535821
Ewan Rhodes No 4C Radnorshire 07415 831423
Gary Rhodes No 4C Radnorshire 07535 566614
Bryn Roberts No 4C Radnorshire 01544 260645
Sam Roberts No 4C Radnorshire 01544 260645
Chris Shurmer No 4C Radnorshire chrisshurmerbuilder@yahoo.co.uk 07989 983693
Harry Michael Simpson Yes 4C Radnorshire simpsonharry67@yahoo.co.uk 01544 262768 07896 477579
Anthony Thomas Thornley No 4C Radnorshire crispywing1@gmail.com 7854012841
John David Davies Yes 3B Montgomeryshire 01691 650273
Joshua Pearce Yes 3B Montgomeryshire pearce.j@aol.co.uk 7794487463
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
New Referee No Course TBA
Thomas John Watkins No 4D Montgomeryshire judywatkins@talktalk.net 7964450621