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Friendly sanctioning

All friendlies must be sanctioned. Follow this guidance: FRIENDLIES GUIDANCE

Sanction Request for Friendlies in other NA’s  – use this form to obtain sanction from FAW to play a friendly match home or away against a team from England or another national association or to play in a tournament in England or another national association.

Application For Tournament Sanction  – use this form to obtain sanction from FAW to hold a tournament whether adult or junior. Such tournaments will usually be close/pre-season tournaments. You will need to send the Rules of the tournament. Send the application form to AHoward@faw.co.uk with a copy to cjames@faw.co.uk.

If you are allowing non affiliated teams/clubs to enter then use Form A1  for temporary affiliation to CWFA. There is a £2.00 fee for temporary affiliation. Send each form A1 to the secretary of CWFA. Form A1

Benevolent Fund Application – use this form to make an application for a benevolent grant for a registered player injured in a sanctioned match if as a result of the injury the player is unable to attend his usual work and suffers loss of earnings as a result.


Junior League Regional Boundaries

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