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An Official Report Form for use by referees is now available in the Download section of this site. Completed report forms should be sent by e-mail to Mr Paul Morgan, Assistant Secretary Discipline to an e-mail address set up specifically for this purpose; cwfadiscipline@gmail.com

A Referee Registration Form is now available in the Download section of this site. Completed registration forms should be sent to;

Assistant Secretary Referees, Mr Dylan Griffiths, 47 Dol-Helyg, Penrhyncoch, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. Sy23 3gz.

TEL: 01970 822202 MOB:07999345802  EMAIL: dylancwfa@gmail.com

If assistance is required in the filling of disciplinary forms or white paper reports, you can contact Mr Dylan Griffiths (details above), or any referees officer. refereesofficer.cwfa@zoho.com

Officials are reminded to wear a shirt and tie to all games from tier 4 upwards, all FAW appointments and to all Semi-Finals and Finals.

CWFA referees badges are available from Referees Secretary priced at £10 each.

Montgomeryshire: Gareth Lloyd (07807176467)
Radnorshire: David Horne (07398190585)


Referee Report Form (Example)

Referee Registration Form

FA-Handbook 2011-12


Referees registered with Area Associations must wear the official badge of the AreaAssociation to which they reside and the badge of the league they officiate if they so wish.

Only match officials with the below gradings are eligible to wear the new FAW Crest:

Category One- Referee

International (FIFA List)

1A           Cymru Premier referees

1B           Cymru Premier talent referees

Category Two:

Cymru South/North referees


International (FIFA List)

1AR        National list specialist assistant referee

1ART      Specialist assistant referees at Tier 2 but have been identified as assistant referees with       potential and are eligible to be appointed to Tier 1 matches from time to time

2AR        Specialist assistant referee at Tier 2


Category One – Referee

F              International (FIFA List)

F-1A       National list referee

F-1B       National list talent referee

Category One – Specialist Assistant Referee

F              International (FIFA List)

F-1AR    National list assistant referee


Refereeing Category Flowchart (8.7.20) (1)




The new Online Referees Course by the FAW, is currently priced at £80. It is the opinion of many, I’m led to believe, that it’s too expensive. 

The previous courses, which were held in a classroom, was £15. So why the increase? 

The new course, when you qualify and pass the exam, you will receive a kit, with logo of your Area Association, plus all basic equipment to start your refereeing venture. Follow the link for more information.


Is it worth it? 

Yes. Quite simply, yes. 

Previously, you would pay £15 for the course, but then the kit would cost in excess of £100. Depending on your choice of kit, might be more.

And getting the kits from one supplier means every referee starts out looking identical. Same uniform if you like. 

So, think again. Be brave, make that decision. Become a ref.


Dylan Griffiths

CWFA Referees Secretary

*****Here is a link to the IFAB website updates;*****


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Current list of registered referees. If you are not on it, you are not registered. (I am aware that some grading is incorrect, and I’m in the process of amending)


Derrick Arthur 3B 07811600844
Neil Llewellyn Bayliss 3A 07891525001
Stuart Bird 4B 07837221364
Christopher William Bodenham 3A 07786001621
Steven Bradford 3A 07583887673
Thomas Richard Childs 3A 07854231376
Michael Ronald Coburn 4C no number provided
Christopher Corfield 3A 07918700536
Paul Anthony Curtis 3A 07790389608
John David Davies 3B no number provided
John Wyn Davies 3A 07928023026
Nicholas Shaun Davies 4B 07971339942
Ryan Davies 3A 07971226854
Steffan Rhodri Davies 4C 07975718687
Gareth Stuart Earp 3A 07739800529
David William Nigel Edwards 3B 07766102901
Richard Gwyn Edwards 3A 07972216190
Alun Meirion Evans 3B 01570271175
David Adrian Evans 4B 07885502600
Thomas John Llyr Evans 3A 07975826752
Mark Farrington 3A 07442507259
Gary Fernandez 07484722302
Stephen John Fisher 3A 07919176864
Sean Gates 4B 07870391174
Dean Andrew Gill 4C 07810051102
Matt Hodgetts 4B 07955919199
Neil Francis Holder 3B 07760625450
David Michael Hughes 3A 07800504091
Robert Humphreys 4C 07977013326
Roy Ingram 3B 07427978290
Christopher Brian James 4C 07492797973
Alan Lloyd Jenkins 3A 07887910997
Alaw Aur Jones F-2A 07976467440
Aled Rhys Jones 3A 07876552490
Clive Jones 3A 07813663464
Gary Jones 4C 07983112862
Glyn Elfyn Jones 3B 07717418107
Paul Jones 4B 07940455080
Susan Elizabeth Jones F-2A 07460115537
Paul Malcolm Kirkham 3A 07971711909
Gwilym Lewis 3A 07535574927
Huw Owen Lewis 3B 01938500286
Joe Lewis 3B 07951137384
Paul John Mantle 3B 07779761425
Ross Mantle 4C 0154874103
Andrew David Mills 3A 07779158675
Joseph William Mills Hogg 4C 07460091706
David Eirian Morgan 3A 07852855190
Huw John Morgan 4C 07833962502
Roger Parker 3B 07927894521
Josh Pearce 3B 07794487463
James Hudson Phillips 4C no number provided
Richard Henry Pickstock 4C 07816777732
Edward Thomas Pryce 3A 07975741139
Michael David Pugh 3A 07779553965
Callum Larry Richards 3B 07960661346
Robert Glyn Roberts 4C 07477440992
Josh John Roper 4B 07749135744
Neil Brian Rutter 3A 07854082410
Mario Sciberras 3B 07896853868
Rhys Stedman 4A 07774002651
Alan John Thomas 3B 07968702223
Allan Tinney 3B 07738753666
Joshua Townsend 4C 07553378871
Shaun Ian William Tulloch 4B no number provided
Darren Vaughan 4C no number provided
Patrick Ryan Wilding 3A 07530073683
Alan Eastwood Williams 3B 07583799745
Timothy Mark Williams 3B 07983617097
Peter James Wilson 3B 07875578765
Nathan James Bartram 2
Robert Jenkins International (FIFA List)
Huw Jones 1A
Alastair Nicol 3A
Connah Sears 2AR 07377539287
Please see updated Law changes for season 2020/2021
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